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Business Pension Funds

Pension Funds Are you a small, medium or large size business looking at benefiting from the tax savings on Pension Funds or Provident Funds?

Should you put a fund in place, if you do what are the benefits to you, and your staff? Do you use a Pension Fund, or a Provident Fund? What taxes benefits will you achieve? Do you use the Stand Alone Funds or perhaps an Umbrella Fund?

Don’t stress! All of this can be discussed with a Professional Financial Planner who specialises in Corporate Financial Planning. Sit down with them, discuss your ideas, and plans, and let them make recommendations to what is the most cost effective way forward. They will also be able to discuss adding risk benefits such as Disability and Life Insurance to these funds to ensure your staff and their families are taken care of in all aspects.

Complete the contact request form to the side and we will put you in touch with a Corporate Financial Planning Specialist.

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* This service is completely free to you, however, businesses pay a fee to participate. Please respect this by submitting accurate information.