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Wealth Creation | Investment Management

Investment planning, and wealth management is the process of identifying appropriate and tax-effective investment solutions as determined by a client’s financial objectives, and the measure of risk the client is prepared to take in order to achieve those objectives.

Investment planning seeks to accomplish two equally important goals that naturally conflict with each other. The first goal is to maximise returns on investments. The second is most often to minimise risk while achieving the first. Effective investment planning balances these two goals in all areas of investment management, so that the investor can achieve the desired outcome. The diagram below depicts a well-balanced investment approach. Your Financial Planner

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Broadly speaking, every investor, when sitting down with an Investment Advisor seeks to achieve a combination of the following objectives:

  • Wealth Creation
  • Wealth Protection
  • Income Generation

Because these objectives are usually not compatible, an investment planning exercise with a qualified investment advisor will often involve reaching the best compromise or balance. To find out more about the Investment Planning process, and the steps involved, complete the Contact Advisor form to the right and a Qualified Investment Advisor will contact you to discuss your requirements, and schedule a meeting to start creating your wealth.